All Star Jazz Band Lineup

Steve Goodson

Leader – Owen Guys

1st Trumpet: Kenny Makit
2nd Trumpet: (Jazz) Diz Astor
3rd Trumpet: Kent Reed
4th Trumpet: Noah Count
Scream Trumpet: Al Tissimo

1st Trombone: Hy Registar
2nd Trombone: Slip Shod
3rd Trombone: Willie Show
Bass Trombone: Lew Slips

1st Alto Sax: Otto Tune
3rd Alto Sax: Les Tone
2nd Tenor Sax: (Jazz) Manny Notes
4th Tenor Sax: Don Swing
5th Baritone: Ima Growler

Piano: R. Peggio
Bass: Pete Zicatto
Drums: Phil Dinn
Drums: Chick Boom
Percussion: Perry Diddle

Tuba: Sue Saphone
French: Horn Belle Tone
Vibes: Hal Mallet
Guitar: Django Bells
Banjo: Ricky Tick
Harp: Anne Dante
Organ: Page Turner

1st Violin: Vi Bratto
2nd Violin: Fay Kerr
Viola: Vera Sharp
Cello: Beau Breaker
Harpsichord: Aaron Variati

Assistant conductor: Justin Case
Arranger: Walt Smedly
Copyist: L. Egible
Librarian: Miss Inga Page
Band Manager: Hiram Cheap
Band Boy: Manuel Labor
Agent: Gig Booker

Bus Driver: Oliver DeRhode
Fan Club President: Doug DeBann
Old Time 1st trumpet: Pop DeVane
Union Rep.: Scott Free
P.R. Man: Ed Vertise

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