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Steve Goodson

I was a paid writer for The Saxophone Journal magazine from 2008 – 2013. Here’s a list of my articles which were published there. They are all available as back issues from Dorn Publications. Of course, I have had articles published in quite a few other music magazines in the United States and Europe, but I am particularly proud of this long running series in The Saxophone Journal. I currently write a column about saxophone design in each issue of Saxophone Today magazine 




Sax Acoustics ’101′                                                                 Nov/Dec 2008
Musings on the Mechanism                                                  Jan/Feb 2009
Musings on the Mouthpiece                                                  Mar/April 2009
A Saxophonists Guide to Necking                                       May/June 2009
My Pad or Yours                                                                     July/Aug 2009
The Greatest Controversy: Resonators                              Sept/Oct 2009
Saxophonists Prepare: Meet Thy Maker                           Nov/Dec 2009
The Rites of Springs                                                               Jan/Feb 2010
Designing a New Saxophone                                                Mar/Apr 2010
Improving the Saxophone Part II                                       May/June 2010
You Can’t Always Get What You Want                              July/Aug 2010
A Guide to Saxophone Finishes                                           Sept/Oct 2010
The Decline and Fall of the Vintage Sax Market              Nov/Dec 2010
Can I Get This Adjusted?                                                       Jan/Feb 2011
It’s a Material World                                                              Mar/April 2011
The Manufacturing History of C.G. Conn                          May/June 2011
The Manufacturing History of King Saxophones             July/Aug 2011
Master Saxophone Engraver Jason Dumars Pt 1             Sept/Oct 2011
Master Saxophone Engraver Jason Dumars Pt 2             Jan/Feb 2012
The Fabulous Leblanc System Saxophones                      May/June 2012
Saxophone Myths Exposed                                                   July/Aug 2012
I Don’t Want to Bore You                                                      Sept/Oct 2012
The Mark VI Mystique Pt 1                                                   Jan/Feb 2013
The Mark VI Mystique Pt 2                                                  Mar/Apr 2013
Why Don’t They?                                                                     May/June 2013
Evaluating a Saxophone for Purchase                               July/Aug 2013

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