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Two hours of intensive instruction on the secrets to a great overhaul! Tools and techniques are clearly illustrated in a comprehensive, step by step approach. Topics covered include: pad selection and installation; resonator installation; spring removal and replacement; dent removal; swedging; neck modifications; soldering; stuck screw removal; no-stick G# mechanism; setting intonation; lubrication; key adjustment; snap-in pads; bent body straightening; tone hole leveling; and much, much more!
Here's what some actual clients have had to say about the video:
"Utterly fantastic! It's all there! And presented with a great sense of humor!"
Tim Price, columnist for The Saxophone Journal, recording artist, legendary teacher, and author
"I can't believe what I learned in just the first ten minutes. This has taken a lot of the mystery out of repair and maintenance. Thanks, Steve! You 'da man!"
Jack Prybylski, New York recording artist and teacher
"Now I understand the magic you're famous for! Every saxophonist should get this video."
Paul Coats, Runyon Mouthpieces clinician, author, and teacher
"So that's why my horns play so good!  Great video, gets better with every watching.Thanks for all the great ideas, Steve"
Charles Neville, The Neville Brothers
"Every repair technician should watch this. This is how it's supposed to be done!"
Jagon Eldridge, New York City repairman
"Without you and this video, my horn would suck!"
Ben Ellman, Galactic
"Man! You make it look so easy! I think I'm beginning to get it now! This is stuff I've wanted to know how to do for years"
Dave Lovett, recording artist and producer
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