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The following are image files of actual patents filed with the US Patent Office. Some of the files are quite large (100-150K) and may take a minute or so to download.

To view the PDF Files, you need the Adobe Reader.

bullet Beaugnier G#.pdf
bullet Beaugnier Microtuner.pdf
bullet Beaugnier sax.pdf
bullet Beaugnier sax2.pdf
bullet Beaugnier sax3.pdf
bullet Beaugnier Thumbrest.pdf
bullet Rationale mechanism 1.pdf
bullet Rationale mechanism 2.pdf
bullet Rationale mechanism 3.pdf
bullet Rationale mechanism 4.pdf
bullet Rationale mechanism 5.pdf
bullet Rationale mechanism 7.pdf


bullet couesnonpatent1.pdf
bullet couesnonpatent2.pdf
bullet couesnonpatent3.pdf
bullet leblanclowCsharp.pdf
bullet leblanclowCsharp2.pdf
bullet leblancmechanism.pdf
bullet leblancmechanism2.pdf
bullet leblancmechanism3.pdf
bullet leblancmechanism4.pdf
bullet leblancmechanism5.pdf
bullet leblancmechanism6.pdf
bullet leblancmechanism7.pdf
bullet leblancoctavekey1.pdf
bulletBrilhart levelair mouthpiece
bulletBuescher snap in pad 1
bulletBuescher snap in pad 2
bulletKing Saxello 1924
bulletLeblanc System 1
bulletLeblanc System 2
bulletLeblanc System 3
bulletPowell 1
bulletPowell 2
bulletPowell 3
bulletPowell 4
bulletBuffet LH pinky table
bulletBuffet RH pinky mechanism
bulletLow B flat mechanism
bulletGrafton Technical Drawing
bulletBuescher 400 Bell Keys
bulletAltissimo Friendly Saxophone
bulletVariable Opening Mouthpiece
bulletCombination Tenor/Soprano Saxophone (a must see!)
bulletMagnetic Keyed Saxophone
bulletLH Pinky Table
bulletSaxophone Lower Stack
bulletMartin Neck

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